Speaking to Legends

#10 Alexander Lipton – The Pursuit of Knowledge

July 07, 2020 Nikita Fadeev Episode 10
Speaking to Legends
#10 Alexander Lipton – The Pursuit of Knowledge
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Alex Lipton is a prominent figure in quant finance. He spent over 20 years on the sell-side, held a number of prestigious positions in academia and received the first quant of the year award by Risk.net. He is the CTO of fintech startup Silamoney that is seeking to revolutionise financial services through distributed ledge technology. In this episode, we discuss how Alex got into quant finance and raised though the ranks, how to identify and build teams, why he thinks that stable coins are a good alternative to fiat and some of the possible limitations to their adoption.

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Studying in the USSR
Shifting from academia to the industry
Building and managing teams
Creating a bootcamp of talent
Definition of professional success and notable achievements
Role of collaboration in science
Stablecoins and why they are important
Is the current system ready for change?
Challenges in Digitisation
Exciting tech innovations
Advice to younger self